Top Criteria to Evaluate Website Design

Most people rate a company based on the visuals of its website. There is a logical explanation for this fact. If the site is easy to use, informative, and visually attractive, then the company cares about the comfort of its customers. Based on these considerations, we can conclude that design is a criterion for business success. If the visual content is not thought through, then a large part of the target audience will be lost.

But how do you know if a site's design is good? Below we will consider the basic criteria for evaluating website design using the example of Jet Casino, as one of the most popular online platforms for gamblers.

First Impression

When you enter , at first glance, it is clear that you should not expect too intricate design on the site. There are no pretentious elements, but only the smoothness and quality of the images. Such an assessment is called the first impression of the site, thanks to which the target audience of the business stands out.

Compliance of Website Design with Business

The design of the site must match the theme of the business. In the case of Jet Casino, the platform positions itself as a way to make money, so the site contains images, articles, advertisements, and other graphic elements that are closely related to this topic in style.

The Convenience of Use

Perhaps a potential client is interested in your services and is even ready to purchase them, but due to the lack of a proper navigation system, a person could not find your company's contacts, which led to the loss of a client, and consequently, your profit. On Jet Casino, the player can immediately see a convenient selection of slot machines and models of other genres. Also at the service of customers are games with real croupiers, jackpots, bonuses, free spins, tournaments, lotteries, a loyalty program, and much more available in a few clicks.

Stream of Attention

The content of the site must have a logical layout. That is, pictures, text, buttons, etc. should not be randomly scattered. The main task of the site design is the correct direction of the gaze and its further movement along the chosen path, like Jet Casino, which helps its user. On the horizontal panel in the header of the site, categories of gambling are listed, and on the left, a vertical menu opens with links to the main pages, FAQ, personal account, and other sections.

Website Adaptation to Screen Sizes

The official Jet Casino portal has a mobile version, which does not differ in its functionality. In addition, its navigation is almost identical to the original site, so gamblers will not need to relearn it. Now check out how your site will look on different screen sizes. It is worth noting that search engines take into account the adaptability of the site, and this criterion cannot be ignored if you want to be at the top of search results. To check how your site will look on a phone, there are various applications. One of them is Google Mobile Friendly.


There are many nuances when creating a website design, but we have identified the basic rules. The rest is a matter of experience and taste. With all that has been said above, it is worth noting that the design of the site is not the only factor influencing its effectiveness. The site should also be useful for visitors and stand out in search engines.

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