Features of RPlus Online Complaint Management

When we talk about feature of RPlus Online Complaint Management first of all we should know the special features of RPlus Online Complaint Management. There are some features unique and very useful features which are not available in the market. RPlus Online Complaint has special features like

  • Work on multiple tabs
  • Autocomplete instead of dropdown
  • Quick Add instead of using master
  • Customize any module
  • Plugins like Internal chat, Activites

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Following are the features available in RPlus Online Complaint Management


Log Complaint

This log complaint help us to log a complaint, at which place we are facing a problem and this complaint is notified by the manager who administrate the complaint. The different type of complaint you are receiving and repeated type of complaint even you can find the complaint status of every day how many complaint is getting logged.


Open Complaints

This Open Complaint tell the administrator totally how many complaints have been not attended. This helps to assign an engineer to this complaint and could managed. This feature will completely explain how much complaints are still there to solve and this will helps to keep an alert to rectify the problems of customers.


All Complaints

This All Complaint make let us to know about the overall complaint entered by the customers. This specify all open, in-process and closed complaints of your customers. Complaints you received for last six months and even you could view for every month wise Complaint status also, you can analyses on which month you have a maximum number of complaints. At that place itself he could reply to that Complaints also, by which a customer would get to know at which stage his/her problem is. And this will actually helps to keep a good relationship with the customers also.


This Search Complaint helps a customer to find a particular complaint which may match his complaint logged in the past so that he could save his/her time by logging in and then an engineer to reach and fix it.


About Us

This page is all about to add the details of our company profile. This About Us will helps to gather information for our client about our company.


Contact Us


Under this contact us, you can add about your contact details, so that we can add our contact detials so that the visitors and the customers who wants to contact us could go through and could communicate with us.


My Profile

The user who logged in can view their My Profile page. Under this page the entire details of him/her could be viewed. They can even edit their details if they would to.

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