Features of RPlus Stock Management

When we talk about feature of RPlus Stock Management first of all we should know the special features of RPlus Stock Management. There are some features unique and very useful features which are not available in the market. RPlus Stock Management has special features like

  • Work on multiple tabs
  • Autocomplete instead of dropdown
  • Quick Add instead of using master
  • Customize any module
  • Plugins like Internal chat, Activites

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Following are the features available in RPlus Stock Management



You can manage customer information in Client module. Go to Client and click on Add Client to create a customer. Search option available for Client name, Landline number, Campaign, Sales Person, Reference, Designation, Email Id, Mobile Number, Contact Person, City, Area. We can add multiple contacts for each client in contact module. If you have customer or friends contact list in gmail, you can import those contacts by one click. To do that go to Import contact > click on gmail icon > enter login user id and password of your gmail account. After click on import it will import all the contacts from gmail and add it to contact list.



Once the quotation is approved by the customer in opportunity stage you can convert the opportunity to sales. You do not need to do the sales entry again, it will be automatically created when you convert. A new invoice pdf will be created and you can take print out of that invoice or you can email that to the customer or you can save as pdf. You can customize the fields like terms and conditions of invoice, company information and water mark in settings page. You can also create new invoice without creating quotation.



Under this invoice menu we can add the invoice for the sales and for what the invoice is prepared entire details could be maintained in this invoice bill. And the payment option helps to convert the invoice to payment mode which reduce the work of filling the details again into the payment page. If the Invoice is under installment payment mode, when the payment is made against to the same bill then there is no need to fill all the details again just have to click thr retrive button which automatically retrive all the previous payment details and their current outstanding against the bill. A invoice pdf created and you can take print out of that invoice or you can email that to the customer or you can save as pdf. You can customize the fields like terms and conditions of invoice, company information and water mark in settings page. You can also create new invoice without creating quotation.



Delivery Module helps to maintain the delivery details. Under this according to material purchased by the client depend on that delivery challan is prepared There is an Add Delivery Challan which helps to add and could view the delivery challan under View Delivery Challan. There is always possible of product returned by the client. So PRlus Billing Software Management manage the delivered product returned under Add delivery Return and could view the overall product returned under the View Delivery Return. If you would like to view only the particular product return categeory or of particular client then there is a search field which helps to filter a particluar data.



Under this payment module we can manage the payment details. From whom the payment is made, if the payment is under installment then software will retrive the previous payment made and the current outstanding against to that particular bill. There will be an unlimited payment details made by the customers but there will be no interaction between the data. Completely perfect data is retrived and you can even export data in a microsoft Excel sheet for your verifications.



  • Quote Request:After analysing the material if there is any shortage of material then a quote request could be sent.
  • View Quote Request:Under this the entire list of a Quote sent request is listed here. And if the Requested Quote is a valid then that request is converted to Purchase Order.
  • Purchase Order:The required material is added to purchase order and the total amount required to purchase is automatically calculated.
  • View Purchase Order:Under this the overall purchase request is sent could be listed out and depend upon the category like giving date range,data could be filtered and given.
  • Purchase Return:The product which are purchased could be even returned because of bad quality of product so that retured of product could be entered here with reason.
  • View Purchse Return:Under this what all product have given for the return tha tcomplete history could be viewed under this view list of Purchase Return.


In this Task you can add your own task details and could provide a reminder facility which help us to remind about the task. Task like your appointment, meeting, call, followup, etc.



RPlus Stock Management has a built in email option available in which you can send send email. Bcc is also available in email compose. There are two mail formats available, one is HTML(Default) and another one is Plain Text. In Email templates, you can setup mail format with attachment. This setup should be done only once. When you send email just select the template name which will populate the mail subject, body and attachment from the template. You do not need to enter those detail again, you can use this feature for sending company profile or product catalogs etc. In RPlus Stock Management you can also setup email signature for each mail in html and plain text format.


Document and Knowledge Sharing

To improve the team work it is important that the employees should be well trained and should have good knowledge. It is not required that everyone should be on same level in knowledge. But to do a team work with good knowledge and experience RPlus Stock Management provides an option that is Knowledge sharing through which you can share you knowledge or documents with your team. This will help you to reduce the training time to your team. Instead of explaining to the team, you can post the document in knowledge sharing and ask your team to go through that. Also you can post detail like problems and solutions, office rules and regulations, common documents, common photos etc.


Reports and Cutomization

RPlus Stock Management is providing a flexible facility for reporting. RPlus Stock Management have some reports like

  • Invoice Report
  • Sales By Model
  • Sales By Product
  • Sales By Client
  • Sales By Date
  • Overall Outstanding Report
  • Minimum Stock Report
  • Stock By Product
  • Payable Report
You found that your expected report is not available with the software after delivery? You can customize from customize reporting tool. For that go to Config > Reports > Enter the Report Name > Select the filters which you want to apply. You can add search column controls as dropdown or auto complete or date range or textbox. If you select any control then that will comes in the report and ask the user to enter the search fields. In the below example, we have selected campaign id in the filter criteria and control type as auto complete. So this will display an auto complete box in the front end where you can enter the campaign name and take the report. In search you can apply operators like Equal to, NOT Equoal To,Greater Than,Less Than,LIKE,Between,etc.

Stock Management - Customize Report


Page Level Customization

RPlus Stock Management also provides a facility where you can customize field in any module. Suppose you want to add or remove some fields in Enquiry page after software delivery. You may have to contact technical people who has developed RPlus Stock Management and ask them to do this. This is a time consuming process as it involves understanding, program level changes, testing and then delivery. To avoid these many steps, RPlus Stock Management come up with a solution that is Page Level Customization where you can add or remove fields just by drag and drop. Here we have controls like Text Box, Email Id, Phone No, Amount, Number, Date, Multi Line, Dropdown and Checkbox. You can use these controls to customize your page.

Stock Management - Customize Page

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