Features of RPlus ERP-Service

When we talk about feature of RPlus ERP-Service first of all we should know the special features of RPlus ERP-Service. There are some features unique and very useful features which are not available in the market. RPlus ERP-Service has special features like

  • Work on multiple tabs
  • Autocomplete instead of dropdown
  • Quick Add instead of using master
  • Customize any module
  • Plugins like Internal chat, Activites

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Following are the features available in RPlus ERP-Service



GENERATE COMMERCIAL BID: Commercial bid is to Ensure The Lowest-Priced Bid which is Technically Acceptable. To be determined responsive, a bid must be the lowest-priced technically acceptable (LPTA) bid. And in our software, we specifically don’t need to collect and select the Lowest Priced Bid. Automatically it will select and display the lowest Priced Bid.

VIEW COMMERCIAL BID DETAILS: Depend upon the commercial bid selected ,entire details of the bid could viewed. We don’t need to look for a analyze all the bid, select lowest price bid, its all not required. This all are completely automated by the software. As the quote is sent by the companies then all other work is automated by the software. According to each category its viewed, verified, maintained and established by the software.
PRINT TECHNICAL BID DETAILS: The technical Bid which is automatically generated by the software which can be printed to send for technical bid.
PRINT COMMERCIAL BID DETAILS: Once the technical is Succeed, the Commercial Bid is automatically generated by the software which can be printed to send for technical bid.



A detailed study of the requirement of a customer and making an outlook design by understanding the requirement according to customer satisfaction is survey.

  • Excel sheet could be imported.
  • When a site survey is required for example If a company require a CCTV to be installed in the office first step is the survey is conducted by the engineer how many camera, fire alarm, etc required is analyzed and send the survey report.
  • Depending on the survey report provided by the engineer the software will generate the Quotation with the dependent material and the rate is automatically picked from the tender fixed price for a particular client.
  • Once the Quotation is approved it moves to the next stage of installation


Once the survey is received by the engineer the Documentation team will make the plan layout in excel based on the survey provided. Based on the excel plan layout software will automatically generate the Quotation for the plan layout with depended material for example: a camera need 2 BNC Pin which is a depended material with is not reflecting in the quotation but its intimated to the stock team. Based on the quotation approval planning team will make the necessary arrangement for installation



Depend upon the quotation, ERP-Service will analysis the product required to process that order and is analysed automatically from the stock. It is a another main unique feature where ERP-Service will automatically process the purchase order if there is any shortage or unavailable of a stock.


Customer & Contacts

You can manage customer additional information under Contacts. Go to Contacts and click on Add Contacts to create a customer additional information. Search option available for Client name, Landline number, Campaign, Sales Person, Reference, Designation, Email Id, Mobile Number, Contact Person, City, Area. We can add multiple contacts for each client in this contact module. If you have customer or friends contact list in gmail, you can import those contacts by one click. To do that go to Import contact > click on gmail icon > enter login user id and password of your gmail account. After click on import it will import all the contacts from gmail and add it to contact list.



When the order is received depend upon the requirement planning is taken. But to do a planning provided data should be proper. In this our software plays a role of identifying the entire details of requirement for the planning, which makes a low burden of work and with prpoer identification.



Once the planning is prepared it has been analysed by the software itself depend upon the reqirement. This all feature is automatically done by the sofware.There no need of a big team to handle this entire process.



If your organization is providing services on pan level its very difficult to manage the services. our software has another most unique feature is task allocation depend upon the zone, city, area the engineer is working. Software will automatically assign a job or task to a particular engineer when any complaint or services call from a particular zone is received. By analyzing the complaint belong to which zone, engineer is mapped, any allocated engineer is in that zone, Location and by looking at his job list job is allocated. This feature completely saves time and job is easily allocated to the field engineer without any misunderstanding .

Campaign Analysis


Depend upon the planning and the requirement if any of the material is shortaged or not available then a purchase order is automatically determined by the software by verifying the stock details history. ERP-Service has an automatically retriving the stock details of material availability which reduces the complete work load and check whether depend upon the requirement do every material available if not the purchase request is sent automatically by our ERP-Service.



Once the quotation is approved by the customer in opportunity stage you can convert the opportunity to sales. You do not need to do the sales entry again, it will be automatically created when you convert. A new invoice pdf will be created and you can take print out of that invoice or you can email that to the customer or you can save as pdf. You can customize the fields like terms and conditions of invoice, company information and water mark in settings page. You can also create new invoice without creating quotation.



Under this bill menu we can add the invoice for the sales and for what the invoice is prepared entire details could be maintained in this invoice bill. And the payment option helps to convert the invoice to payment mode which reduce the work of filling the details again into the payment page. If the Invoice is under installment payment mode, when the payment is made against to the same bill then there is no need to fill all the details again just have to click thr retrive button which automatically retrive all the previous payment details and their current outstanding against the bill. A invoice pdf created and you can take print out of that invoice or you can email that to the customer or you can save as pdf. You can customize the fields like terms and conditions of invoice, company information and water mark in settings page. You can also create new invoice without creating quotation.



HandOver Form is a service report to take an approval from the client for the Site handover or installation completion of the site or repair work did by an engineer against the complaint given by the client to the company. When the complaint is received then the engineer will be fixed to fix it. When the engineer finishes his work then this form is approved by the client to confirm that the engineer has finished his work.

At this form the entire detail is mentioned at what date do the engineer came , work completed, Engineer complete detail, etc. Client can provide his feedback at the form regarding the service provided and satisfactory.
A Client can put his signature online itself to approve so that there is no delay in the approval state. This process helps to keep track of engineers work establishment, Client quick response through online which helps to maintain a relationship, quick approval.



When the Product is developed then it is provided for the demo version so that our customer lets know about the product uniqueness and the best features of them. And this demo of ERP-Service will help you to know how many product and how many times have given for the demo. This helps to keep a track of a product went for demo



The Annual Maintenance Contract is the legal agreement normally conducted between two parties wherein the later agrees to render the maintenance service annually to the former at an exchange of the nominal amount.

AMC REMINDER FACILITIES: Reminder is to keep you alert and make you to understand the importance of tracking these customers so they can be renewed in a timely fashion. Reminder which provide a alert to you about your AMC Renewal , AMC service , Pending Services, Open AMC services, Open services by which you can get clear idea about your current day services, give to our customer. A Reminder process will enable to trigger you about all the tasks , Services to be considered at first instance itself. It helps to maintain a good relationship with your customer by keeping up the time. With Annual Maintenance, you will receive an annual reminder, approximately one month prior to the expiration of the Maintenance Contract, indicating that it is time to purchase a new Contract, if desired.



Total Complaint: Complaints you received for last six months and even you could view for every month wise Complaint status also, you can analyses on which month you have a maximum number of complaints.

Status wise Complaint: This feature will completely explain how much complaints are still there to solve and this will helps to keep an alert to rectify the problems of customers. The above graph could give an idea about the Complaint received total open complaint, In progress, and Closed complaint
Complaint Type Summary & Logged Complaint: This graphical reports give a clear idea about the different type of complaint you are receiving and repeated type of complaint even you can find the complaint status of every day how many complaint is getting logged.


Document and Knowledge Sharing

To improve the team work it is important that the employees should be well trained and should have good knowledge. It is not required that everyone should be on same level in knowledge. But to do a team work with good knowledge and experience RPlus CRM provides an option that is Knowledge sharing through which you can share you knowledge or documents with your team. This will help you to reduce the training time to your team. Instead of explaining to the team, you can post the document in knowledge sharing and ask your team to go through that. Also you can post detail like problems and solutions, office rules and regulations, common documents, common photos etc.


Reports and Cutomization

RPlus ERP-Service provides a flexible facility for reporting. RPlus ERP-Service have some reports like

  • Quotation Report.
  • AMC Report.
  • One Time Service Report.
  • AMC Service Report.
  • Invoice Report.
  • Complaint Report.
  • Invoice Report
  • Outstanding Report
  • Complaint By Client
  • Stock Report.
  • AMC Service by status
  • Quotation by date
You found that your expected report is not available with the software after delivery? You can customize from customize reporting tool. For that go to Config > Reports > Enter the Report Name > Select the filters which you want to apply. You can add search column controls as dropdown or auto complete or date range or textbox. If you select any control then that will comes in the report and ask the user to enter the search fields. In the below example, we have selected campaign id in the filter criteria and control type as auto complete. So this will display an auto complete box in the front end where you can enter the campaign name and take the report. In search you can apply operators like Equal to, NOT Equoal To,Greater Than,Less Than,LIKE,Between,etc.

CRM - Customize Report


Page Level Customization

RPlus ERP-Service also provides a facility where you can customize field in any module. Suppose you want to add or remove some fields in Enquiry page after software delivery. You may have to contact technical people who has developed RPlusERP-Service and ask them to do this. This is a time consuming process as it involves understanding, program level changes, testing and then delivery. To avoid these many steps, RPlus ERP-Service come up with a solution that is Page Level Customization where you can add or remove fields just by drag and drop. Here we have controls like Text Box, Email Id, Phone No, Amount, Number, Date, Multi Line, Dropdown and Checkbox. You can use these controls to customize your page.

ERP-Service - Customize Page

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